What Do You Get When You Trust Call Connection Service?

“UK’s Premier Call Connection Service – Thousands of Calls, Thousands of Minutes Saved Searching”

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Have you ever been on the go or just needed to find a phone number fast? Tired of wasting time searching through directories only to find the wrong number? At Call Connection Service we do our best to help our customers get connected to the right number for some of the most popular businesses in the UK.

Why trust us? To date, we have a 97% connection rate. Why not 100% you ask? Well business change their numbers from time to time or sometimes have unforeseen outages with their entire phone system or even in certain regions of the UK. When that happens we do our best to correctly route your call to a destination that is working.

What about those 3%? If your call isn’t connected properly, feel free to request a refund. We want to make our customers happy because we earn your repeat business.

Our Future

the road ahead

As consultants, we always try to see where the market is heading. This might not seem fascinating to the typical person or business owner, but it’s what we enjoy. The global market is changing and new and exciting opportunities are emerging. We hope to expand into international markets soon in order to help more people save time.

We believe that time is a finite resources. It’s not something you can buy back. Life is too short, so spend your time with your family and friends, not searching for numbers that are difficult to find. Make memories, Love yourself and someone, and always remember to laugh and smile.